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The Art and
Design of Persuasive

Advertising is an industry of ideas that thrives on all manner of creative talent. Whether calling attention to your own creative endeavors, raising awareness about environmental or social issues, or outright selling a product or service, you will benefit from the Advertising minor. This minor is ideal for graphic design, illustration, photography, and other majors. From retail advertising to web design, industry professionals teach the essentials in print, retail, digital, and emerging platforms. Courses often include working with real clients on campaigns. This minor allows students to build a strong portfolio and develop professional relationships which can lead to internships, contract work, and employment.

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As an Advertising minor, you will:

  • Gain knowledge in the theory and methods used to develop the strategies behind persuasive communications.
  • Explore how visual symbols, metaphor, ethnography, semiotics, copywriting, rhetoric and persuasion, and data analysis are used in advertising
  • Use research, analysis, and other methods to develop culturally informed and relevant communications and advertising campaigns.
  • Creative deliverables are delivered through graphic design, illustration, photography, video, motion graphics, copywriting and more, that can build a strong portfolio.
  • Work with real clients on real problems and deliver solutions that can be implemented for individuals, communities, nonprofit, and for-profit organizations.
  • Build confidence in presenting in front of large groups to create meaningful change.
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Class Highlights

This minor emphasizes a collaborative process of working on teams with students from all MCAD majors.

Required classes include: 

  • Introduction to Advertising
  • Agency
  • The Future of Advertising
  • Ethnography for Artists and Designers
  • Copywriting

After MCAD

Minneapolis and St. Paul are hubs of creative energy, as evidenced by the many top creative agencies that call the Twin Cities home. 

Some top local creative agencies include:

  • Olson
  • Periscope