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Print Paper Book

Ink, Paper, Process, and
Endless Possibilities

MCAD’s Print Paper Book minor gives students greater focus on this eclectic, multi-disciplinary practice. You will expand your craft and explore various approaches to multiples, artists’ books, and paper. Students select from a range of offerings that best suit their research, as well as courses that offer a sound technical basis for further development.

Student working on intaglio

As a Print Paper Book minor, you will:

  • Hone your technical and conceptual artistic skills
  • Explore traditional, photographic, and post-digital processes of printmaking, papermaking, and bookmaking.
  • Investigate how images, objects, and information are conceived and disseminated.
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Class Highlights

This minor emphasizes a collaborative process of working on teams with students from all MCAD majors.

Required classes include: 

  • Print Paper Book Techniques
  • Dimensional Papermaking
  • Intaglio
  • Lithography
  • Relief Printmaking & Monotype

After MCAD

There are many paths to explore with a minor in Print Paper Book.

Potential careers include:

  • Print Production Artist
  • Illustrator
  • Bookbinder
  • Fine Artist

"I was the kid who loved to play with Lego, so having the sculptural element of bookbinding and papermaking tied into printmaking satiated all of my creative needs." –Keara MacDermid ’09, Visual Merchandiser