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Application Checklist

MCAD is highly selective in admitting graduate students. Applying early enhances your chances of being admitted. Students are required to have an undergraduate degree before enrolling. Applications submitted by the posted deadline will advance to committee review.

Dates and Deadlines

Fall Admission (Spring Admission Not Offered)
Regular Decision February 1

Application Form

To begin the application process, complete the online application form. The application is easy to fill out. You can save it as you go so it doesn’t have to be completed in one sitting. The form requires a credit-card number for the application fee of $50.

Official College Transcripts

Send via email, mail, or secure document transfer and Slideroom.

Submit official transcripts from any colleges or universities that you have attended. Official transcripts must be sent directly from the issuing institution, as well as uploaded by you to Slideroom. Transcripts marked "Issued to Student" are not considered official transcripts. MCAD will accept unofficial copies for review in the application process, with official copies due prior to enrollment.

Letters of Recommendation (Optional)

Send via email, mail, or Slideroom

Students are invited to upload up to two optional letters of recommendation (PDFs) that attest to your creative ability, self-discipline, academic record, and commitment to your creative practice. Letters may be from academic mentors, instructors, advisors, or from professional supervisors, clients, collaborators, or employers. Your chance of admission will not be negatively impacted if you do not submit letters of recommendation.

Personal Statement

Send via Slideroom

AI Policy: At MCAD, the use of AI for content generation in the Personal Statement admissions requirement is not allowed. We value the importance of authenticity and genuine expression in showcasing applicants' individual voices and artistic perspectives. However, we recommend utilizing word editing programs for grammar, punctuation, and spell checking before submission, ensuring clarity and coherence in your writing.

  • In 300 words, what goals will you pursue in the graduate program? Be specific.
  • In 300 words, how has your previous experience prepared you to pursue those goals?
  • In 400 words, provide a detailed analysis of one of the works in your portfolio.


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In four pages or less, submit a current PDF copy of your résumé that highlights your past and present professional and volunteer work experience, appointments, awards, grants, scholarships, accolades, etc., as relevant.

Introductory Video

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Students are invited to submit a short, self-made introductory video. Please speak to the following:

  • The most important reason you are motivated to study your chosen area of focus.
  • At least one goal you hope to achieve in your graduate education.
  • The reason you think that MCAD is the best place to achieve your goals.

Use whatever tools available to you (e.g. phone, laptop—high production value is not expected) to create a video no more than three minutes in duration. If you have questions about the video, or have a barrier to producing one (internet connection, equipment, etc.), please reach out to Think of this video as the beginning of a conversation that will continue if you enter a graduate program.


Send via Slideroom (do not mail)

AI Policy: At MCAD, we discourage the use of AI-generated content in admissions portfolios. No more than 3 pieces of AI-assisted artwork may be submitted as part of an admission portfolio with clear citation and explanation of why AI was chosen as a tool. MCAD places a high value on artistic integrity and individual voice and expects student work to be a reflection of their own ideas and skill.

Submit twenty pieces demonstrating your strongest work in your chosen discipline. All film and video work in excess of fifteen minutes should include a three-minute sample video as well as the full-length work. Applicants with an emphasis in interactive media should submit no more than twenty screenshots; in addition, interactive applicants may submit a video (three minutes max) demonstrating the piece. Applicants may link to media on YouTube, Vimeo, and SoundCloud via Slideroom. The quality of presentation is taken into consideration by the graduate committee.

Slideroom allows you to include titles, dates, media, dimensions, and notes. Both still images and time-based works may be uploaded. Images may be viewed and rearranged until the application process is complete. Detailed instructions are found in our step-by-step video walkthrough (below) on the Slideroom site. There is no charge to submit portfolios online. For technical support, email

Additional Requirements for International Students

View the international student requirements.

Mailing Address

MCAD Admissions Office

2501 Stevens Avenue

Minneapolis, MN 55404