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Resources for Aspiring Students

Thank you for your interest in MCAD! As one of the country's top art and design colleges, MCAD是一个关闭, 支持, and transformative community that impacts graduates their entire lives. 

成立于1886年, MCAD is recognized nationally and internationally for its innovative approaches to art and design education. Located in the heart of the rich art and design community of the 双城, the college is home to more than 800 students. 四年, 非营利组织, private college with the highest level of accreditation for a school of its kind, MCAD offers bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and continuing education classes for all ages.

MCAD’s four-year graduation rate is among the highest of all art and design colleges. Students are carefully selected for their creative talents and 知识 abilities. They focus on their careers early while learning technical and professional skills and developing their creative, 知识, and leadership capabilities. 

Including Emmy-winning directors, Whitney Biennial artists, Guggenheim fellows, and successful entrepreneurs,  MCAD alumni make an impact. They set new standards across a broad range of creative careers, from independent artist and corporate designer.

World-class art and design education begins with world-class educators. Working artists and designers, MCAD’s faculty are renowned for their ingenuity, 专业知识, and commitment as instructors. 


Classes and homework are key aspects of being a college student, but what happens outside of the classroom is equally important. For many students, MCAD represents the first taste of independent living, as well as getting to know a new city and culture.

Students staging a photoshoot
FAILE mural peeking through trees and flowers

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